Minor Consent Form
In order for your minor child to become a volunteer with Slow Food SW WA & Clark County Parks we must receive your written consent. Please read and complete the information below. We appreciate your child’s interest and concern with enhancing the quality of life in our community. I hereby give consent for my minor child named above to volunteer for Slow Food SW WA & Clark County. I understand that my minor child may or may not be supervised by an adult. I understand that my minor child is to participate in an orientation and training prior to placement in the volunteer position. I understand that any concerns regarding employees and/or policies should be directed to the volunteer coordinator. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the volunteer coordinator of any changes regarding, but not limited to, emergency contact information and consent to participate in certain activities. I release Slow Food SW WA & Clark County of any liability arising out of the volunteer work, to include commuting to and from volunteer work, based on negligence, whether it is caused by the actions of my child, another parent or legal guardian of my child, myself, other volunteers, County staff, or any County affiliates. I have read the above statement and agree to grant permission for my minor child to participate in volunteer activities for Clark County. I authorize Clark County, through its employees and agents, to record audio, video, and/or to photograph my minor child during volunteer work, and to use and reproduce all audio clips, video clips, and/or photographs to advertise and promote their programs and services in printed materials and on the internet without further notice to me and without compensation.