I can't see any harvests!

You need to register & fill out the "Volunteer Sign Up & General Liability Release" form to access harvest opportunities. Click "Register" in the upper right hand corner of this page to access it. After you fill that out, you'll be able to access harvests as well as set your contact preferences & availability on your volunteer profile.

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! Just filled out the "Minor Consent Form" located on the top toolbar of this site for each minor you want to bring along.

Where do I get tools?

Pole pickers are located at 417 NE 175th Ave. Walk up on the R side of the driveway past the compost bins and find the pickers by the side of the house.

Where can I get boxes?

You can source milk crates from the Clark County Food Bank. Their adddress is 6502 NE 47th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98661. Drive in and around to their back warehouse. Milk crates are stacked up to the left of the warehouse doors and behind it. You can take any of these milk crates except the ones marked "Darigold," as Darigold Creamery comes back to pick theirs up for reuse. TIP- if you're using milk crates for fruit, make sure the fruit doesn't pile up beyond the top of the crate & they'll be easily stackable.

How do I donate the fruit I picked?

Clark County Food Bank is still accepting food donations, and fresh food is always high in demand! Due to COVID, however, they're not allowing anyone inside their warehouse. Drive up to their warehouse doors and wait for someone to come out and greet you.

I can't see the harvest address

If the harvest is on private property, the address won't be viewable until AFTER you sign up for it. The general location will be listed, but the address and other property owner's info will be emailed to you after you sign up.

Do I need to contact fruit tree owners before I go pick?

Yes! Except where noted in the event description that it's not necessary.

I have a question that's not answered in the FAQ.

Contact tina@urbanabundance.org with any questions not addressed here