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Backyard Harvest Fruit Valley- Pears
Public -by Slow Food Admin

Pear tree in Fruit Valley awaiting your attention and gleaning :)

You will need a pole picker.

Pole pickers are located at 417 NE 175th Ave. Walk up on the R side of the driveway past the compost bins and find the pickers by the side of the house. Do take an extension pole also, as some trees are deceptively taller than they seem.

Clark County Food Bank is NOT able to share crates with Urban Abundance this year. Try sourcing produce boxes from your local grocery store. WINCO has been very helpful and ok to just ask any staff member restocking at the produce section if there are empty boxes we can take, without needing to call prior.

Please sort the fruit into two categories: 

-Perfect, or with max 1 bug bite/small blemish, and of good size to donate to the food bank.

Donation hours are 8am-12noon and 1pm-3.30pm Mon- Fri

(optionally you can leave the donation boxes on the porch at 417 NE 175th Ave when you return your pole pickers, and we’ll take it there)

-Seconds (more than 1 blemish, or small, but perfectly tasty)  to take home for you!

Private Trees housekeeping- if you have the capacity to do so, take away and compost any fallen fruit you find, or ask the owner if they have a compost pile where they would like you to deposit it. It’s a small way of thanking the owners for donating their fruit. Also ask if they would like a portion of the fruit set aside for them.

Ask the food bank for a donation receipt, and email a copy to, so we can keep track of your awesomeness! 

Also please also email or text Tina to let her know if you have gleaned all the produce, so we can add or cancel additional events at this site.


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